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you need to add some settings in the advanced mode to obtain these visuals additional information about the settings can be found in the manual An enzymatic method to measure urine C-peptide levels in diabetic patients and its diagnostic applications. This report describes a new method for measuring urinary C-peptide levels in diabetic patients. This method is based on the use of C-peptidase which hydrolyzes C-peptide to lysyl-arginine and alpha-aminoisobutyric acid. With this new method, it is possible to determine the C-peptide levels in urine samples from patients with Type I (insulin dependent) or Type II (non-insulin dependent) diabetes mellitus. In the case of Type I diabetes, there is a good correlation between urinary C-peptide and plasma insulin levels (r = 0.82, P less than 0.001). In contrast, in Type II diabetes no such correlation exists. The results suggest that this new method might be used in clinical research and in the diagnosis and treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.COCONUTS – Hanging in the Shade Our next 10 days of reviews are all about work by women artists in the collections of the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery (BMAG) and the Birmingham Civic Society Museum (BCSM)– so it’s perfect timing for a post about COCONUTS– who had a dream exhibition at BCSM in August 2013. Of the many artworks that were inspired by the coconut tree, there are some that are created, planted or grown within BCSM’s own parkland. The exhibition’s curator, author, plant enthusiast and artist Polly O’Reilly, who researched the history and symbolism of coconut in Jamaica, discussed a wide range of artwork and experiences of being a living part of the exhibition. Polly also took a keen interest in the historical context of the coconut tree and the Caribbean. The ‘Hanging in the Shade’ exhibition, was created as a collaboration with the artist Barbara Polley to raise awareness of her website and work which is all about connecting people to plants through art. Many of the works in the exhibition were inspired by this artist’s passion for plants and for reforestation in the Caribbean. Barbara grew up in Jamaica and remembers the coconut tree from her childhood in the 1950s. She has




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